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May 29, 2008

I believe in Umno's reforms

malaysiainsider - [...] Still, this kind of divisiveness seems excessive even in a country that is used to political posturing. Not to mention unnerving. So yes, why now? After all, Ezam was sacked from Umno in November 1998 for his harsh criticism against then party president Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad (now Tun). At the time, Ezam was the deputy head of Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan.

At the press conference to announce his rejoining Umno yesterday, Ezam chose not to speak. He deferred instead to party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

This morning at the Shah Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya, he held a press conference to answer why


“Because he’s (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) only introduced the (reform) policies (on the judiciary and the Anti-Corruption Agency) in the last few weeks. I’ve never seen any prime minister do that in the past 10, 20 years I was in government,” said Ezam.

"I’m joining Umno now, not in the strongest position. My decision is based purely on my conviction that Umno now is capable of bringing about the necessary reforms."

Ezam said he felt that he could contribute to Umno even though he is not holding any post. He explained that what he believes Umno is fighting for, even now, is still the same as what the forefathers of our nation fought for all those years ago and what Umno is based on – that is, the principle of custody ("amanah").

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