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May 30, 2008

Ezam worth RM2 million?

phraseitright - According to RPK's latest article here, the scoundrel was paid that amount to join UMNO. You're cheap Ezam, to say the least.

I was thrilled listening and watching your speeches in youtube, and I really thought you were with those who are fighting for justice and betterment of Malaysians. But apparently, money and racial sentiments won the day.

I never realised that all those fiery speeches of yours which included quotes from the Quran...Hadeeth and Islamic scholars would all succumb to your priority of being a Malay first.

And I for one don't buy your rhetoric for joining UMNO just because you were impressed with Pak Lah's anti-graft agenda. A subject that you've championed vigourously throughout your political career.

You do realise that before the March 2008' election, PM apparently initiated an all out fight against corruption. But after 4 years, there was hardly anything being done to get rid of the evil menace. Corruption and mismanagement of the country became even more rampant amidst Pak Lah's beauty naps on duty.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it takes a scientist to figure out why he is ready to come back to UMNO out of nothing. Saying he was touched on AAB's anti-corruption move.........what a stupid excuse to fool the public here.

When one is nowhere and not wanted anymore.....home is where he will head for.....camouflaging himself as a hero is like fooling himself in front of the public.

Disgusting fella........only AAB will take up this kind of cheapstake.

God bless Malaysia.

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