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May 30, 2008

Explain how RM8mil was spent, Perak asks former state govt

theStar - [...] Perak wants the previous state government to explain how this year's RM8mil development fund had been spent in less than three months.

State senior executive council (exco) member Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the government was shocked at the way the fund, meant for small projects, had been spent.

"We discovered that the entire sum was spent before or during the March 8 general election," Ngeh said Friday at a press conference.

The fund, he said, was made up of an allocation of RM75,000 to each Barisan state assemblyman and an additional of RM100,000 given to each state exco member.

"The total sum was RM8mil and it was spent in less than three months," he added.

"The people are suspicious that they were spent on election purposes. We are not accusing them yet but we want them to clarify," Ngeh said.... selanjutnya.


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