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Jun 25, 2008

Chinese authorities demolish mosque for refusal to put up signs in support for Olympics

On photo: Mosque in Kashgar, which was destroyed after its imam refused to put up signs in support for the Beijing Olympics. The torch-bearing ceremony, whose route was passing near the mosque, took place June 18, 2008.

almuslimin - Total world war against Islam is assuming more explicit and more cynical forms. In this war the masks were thrown off and the false camouflage of tolerance was washed off long ago. The war is all-embracing and merciless.

Thus, the Chinese authorities ordered to destroy the mosque in East Turkestan, whose imam refused to put up a sign of summer Olympics in Beijing on its façade.

"China is forcing mosques in East Turkistan to publicize the Beijing Olympics to get the Uighur people to support the Games (but) this has been resisted by the Uighurs," World Uyghur Congress spokesman Dilxat Raxit said in an emailed statement.

Reuters reported that the Muslim community has filed a complaint with a number of human rights organizations.

Dilxat Raxit added that the mosque, which had been renovated in 1998, was accused of illegally renovating the structure, carrying out illegal religious activities and illegally storing copies of the Muslim holy book the Koran.... selanjutnya.


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