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Jun 25, 2008

Jed Yoong slammed Wong Chun Wai

jedyoong - Wong Chun Wai can’t stop obsessing about how women in Kota Bharu dress. This time, he has gone too far by LYING that the Kota Bharu City Council (MPKB) has “issued an order to ban female workers of the MBKB and permit holders from putting on lipsticks or wearing high-heels”.

THIS IS FALSE. No by-law has been passed or enforced. An advisory on “preferred” modes of Islamic dressing was distributed.

Sinar Harian has corrected this blatant lie and irresponsible, unscrupulous and defamatory report by The Star and Bernama.

Oh yeah, Wong Chun Wai’s puppy, Tony Pua, also slammed PAS earlier about dressing. Looks like the two Chinamen have a fetish for Islamic wear. Or are they both just sex maniacs obsessed with what women wear?

no2umno - tang ni gua setuju.


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