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Jun 25, 2008

Kleptocrats in PKR too

maverickysm - Whether it is Umno or keADILan, they are still the same.

In Malaysia, we citizens must come to accept the reality of a thing, and have self-consciousness in that simple thing.

This elite group of people, they are in Umno and they support Umno, for just one reason - the 3Ps: Power, Position, & Projects.

They don't get it, they will turn the table on their leaders. It is their core values, pure culture, and the very essence of the thing they call ketuanan; it wasn't intended to make others slaves; it was only objectively intended that they must be bestowed with the 3Ps.

The same people from Umno, is also the same people in keADILan, albeit some.

The day Khalid Ibrahim becomes MB is also the same day his machais had presumed that they had been bestowed with the 3Ps. They start to become the new demi-gods; they start to act in hole-liness; they start cari makan, cari lubang, and cari agent; they start to sell projects, giving supporting letters in the name of the Minister so as to apply undue influence in the name of efficiency and necessity.... selanjutnya.


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