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Jun 5, 2008

Petrol prices demonstrations

Panas memang panas, sekarang nih..... tak tau la apa nak jadi. Semua gajah, beruk, ungka sehinggakan katak pun dah naik minyak. Ada yang kena sapu kepala dengan minyak angin, nampak gayanya.

Petrol prices demonstrations
hardT - Opposition in the context of an opposition movement or opposition party does not necessarily mean that they oppose the constitution or statehood or nationhood of the country they operate in.
They are not against the people of a country or its very existence. They merely oppose the policies and acts of the government of the day.

They make life difficult for the government day on day. They steal every moment to prove how wrong the government is. They rush on every occasion to show how worthy a choice they are to govern.
It is a job they ought to do, to ensure plurality of views and choices to the people.
Therefore, in that context the opponent is not considered as an “enemy” of the state, or the people or even the government for that matter.
The opponent is seen as one who has a responsibility to show the other side and hold the government to account.... selanjutnya.


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