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Jun 24, 2008

The Truth About Indelible Ink - Fong

pokuan - [...] Parliament session, I submitted questions related to indelible ink. I have said earlier that I would pursue this issue. The first question and here is the written reply.

The truth unveiled. The government has no intention all this while to use indelible ink for a more transparent election. Read the reply by the Prime Minister’s Department.

Now, it has nothing to do with Election Regulations and Federal Constitution for the inability to use the said ink in the last general election! The reason given now is because the government finds it “troublesome” and “worrisome”, if implemented would delay the smooth running of the election. This is utter nonsense! If other countries can implement it, why not Malaysia? Or, are we really having many troublemakers and difficult to handle typed of voters?

If you read the first part of my question, I wanted to know, who actually was given the “privilege” to purchase the ink and not the name of the company which has repurchased the ink from Election Commission. Hmmm…. or I did not put the question clear or they were trying to avoid to answer the said question?

Earlier, we were told, the “life” of the ink is only 6 months. If no buyer, what happen?... selanjutnya.


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