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Jul 3, 2008

Fair Police in Malaysia? My foot!

andyksyong - [...] So far, the way I perceive the interim event of recent Anwar’s drama is about the medical report of Saiful (not known/disclosed yet) vs Anwar’s visit to the condo (not disputed) vs Anwar’s alleged strong alibi and proofs (not proven except the photos) vs police investigation vs stock market (15 mths low).

Anwar accused the government as uncaring and selfish but did he realised that by collaborating with the foreigners and creating international attention, isn’t that was to pursue his own personal agenda without considering the welfare and safety of the rakyat?

Anwar has made allegation against the IGP and AG, accusing them of conspiracy , so the credibility of police now is part of the problem. Pandai betul….tak buat kena kutuk, buat pun kena tuduh yang bukan-bukan…

Although I may be pessimistic of Anwar’s claims so far, I do want to leave my emotions and political support out in the interest and pursuit of truth and justice. If the allegations are false, the accuser and the conspirators, if any, must be punished severely. Similarly if the allegations are true, however ridiculous they seem, the perpetrator too, must be punished according to the law. A foreign police force to assist in the investigation? From UK - Scotland Yard? ... selanjutnya.


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