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Jul 29, 2008

Oh this is so funny

niamah | ....Barisan Nasional state governments are to launch community programmes to help people reduce their energy use and adopt other cost-saving habits. These include more use of public transport and developing edible home gardens......"

The prime minister gave this set of instructions to chief ministers and menteri's besar at a meeting yesterday. And guess what? This is really quite funny. The only guy who wasn't present at the meeting to hear Badawi's words was...........the menteri besar of......Terengganu!!!

It seems Ahmad Said is abroad performing the umrah!!! I wonder what sins he is seeking forgiveness for?

Anyway, after spending millions of tax-payers money on luxury cars for executive councillors these flers now tell US to change our lifestyles. Again! Plant vegetables. Use public transport. Cut back on use of electricity and water.

How many times you want us to change our lifestyle?... selanjutnya.


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