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Jul 29, 2008

Stop the probe, Anwar tells cops

malaysiainisider | Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today demanded that the police stop pursuing their investigation into the sodomy charges against him.

The de factor opposition leader told a press conference that the leakage of a hospital report yesterday made a mockery of the police report lodged by a former aide who had alleged that Anwar had sodomised him.

The hospital report, posted on a news portal, claimed that a private doctor found no evidence of Anwar's aide being sodomised.

Anwar said today the ongoing investigation was nothing by a deliberate and persistent attempt to incriminate him.

“How else can we fathom why the police during the last four weeks of investigation had overlook this critical piece of evidence,” he said.

He said his refusal to give a DNA sample has been vindicated in the light of the hospital report as the failure of the police to disclose everything had all but confirm their intention to frame him.


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