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Aug 23, 2008

1,020 pengundi hantu tiada nombor rumah


Permatang Pauh contains 1,020, or only 1.8%, non-postal voters without house number. But the broader issue is that 1/3 of all Malaysian voters are registered without house number. The government should abolish the SPR-centered voter registration process, and automatically register all adult MyKad-holding citizens, to prevent SPR from introducing registration mistakes, inconsistencies, and delays

This analysis is based on the by-election electoral roll dated 2008 July 31 for P044, Permatang Pauh. You can only verify these cases (voters without house numbers) by using SPR's MS Access formatted electoral roll. The SPR by-election voter verification Web page will not show the voter's house number or NoRumah (which is perhaps a good policy to protect voter privacy). read more ...


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