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Aug 23, 2008

"evely one says An Hwa will win..............

alditta | ...“Everyone says An Hwa will win. No doubt about it,” said one of the gents in Hokkkien, a 52-year-old businessman who wished to be known only as Ah Lim. He added that the dinner was his second time attending an Anwar ceramah. Ah Keat was not happy with the 15-sen drop in the petrol price. He’d first heard the opposition icon speak at the Ruby coffeeshop, which seems to be a popular jawing joint among the local Chinese, last week. And he firmly believes that Anwar will be a good leader and will be able to effect change for the betterment of the rakyat when he re-enters Parliament.

Ah Lim further said that Anwar’s wife was a good MP; that’s how she was able to stay the Permatang Pauh MP for three terms before vacating the seat last month to make way for her husband, whom he believed would make an even better MP. He’s got the DAP and Pas to fight for one common goal with him, Lim said, noting that it was not an easy thing.... selanjutnya.


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