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Aug 25, 2008

A degree of lying to the rakyat?

Niamah | But I can speak Chinese you know. Still good isnit?

And so the Arif fler has made a statement that he withdrew from the PhD programme he signed up for with the Edison University of Technology after he 'found out' that it was 'not recognised'. He even said that he got his money back. Oh well done, Einstein! Now the questions in our minds are these:-

1. If it is so easily ascertained by anyone with an Internet connection that degrees from that Edison University of Technology are bogus how come the Y.B. is so easily 'conned' into buying into that programme?

2. If he is so easily conned by a 'university' with such a dubious reputation should the people of Permatang Pauh place any trust in him?

3. What was his reason for 'wanting' a PhD in the first place? Does it make him any smarter or trustworthy as a people's representative?

4. Can the Barisan Nasional really think that the Malaysian rakyat are sooooooooo stupid?... selanjutnya.


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