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Sep 13, 2008

A Curse on UMNO…

maverique | ... I am absolutely horrified, disgusted and enraged. This is an absolute injustice. Raja Petra’s arrest was bad enough. But to arrest the Sin Chew reporter for reporting what a f-cking racist said instead of arresting him is ridiculous. And so is arresting Teresa Kok on a flimsy accusation from the over-botoxed Khir Toyo. It’s noteworthy but not entirely surprising that the Star and NST chose to downplay the arrests and you can easily compare their coverage of this issue with Malaysiakini.

The question now is: WHAT WILL THE RAKYAT DO? Will you sit pretty and let this injustice fly in your face? Will you sit still and let UMNO insult your intelligence and blatantly oppress your rights? Will you sit by while UMNO robs you of your freedom? Will you be still and quiet as the men and women who fight for your freedom and rights are crushed beneath the weight of tyranny? Will you allow the evil and corrupt tyrants to trample your rights and get away with it?

What will you do?

I tell you: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Fight for your future! Fight for your rights and your freedom! Fight UMNO and fight them hard!! Why remain silent on this issue? Wherever you are, sound the call to war. From your mosques, temples and churches, cry out for battle against an evil oppressor. Why do you allow evil men to get away with such blasphemy? Fight them hard!!

Who is Badawi but a corrupt and impotent monkey who cannot even run his own party let alone the nation? Who is Syed Hamid Albar but a fool who cannot even speak proper English? You want to let such low-life men trample your rights underfoot? Are you willing to let intellectually-inferior and morally-bankrupt goons oppress you?

Where are the religious leaders at this crucial point of time? If they remain silent, may they be judged severely by the Almighty. If they, by their silence and cowardice, choose to endorse this blasphemous behavior, then may a pox be upon their homes!... selanjutnya.


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