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Sep 13, 2008

"Hoon Cheng Acted Professionally"

Sinchew | .... According to Hoon Cheng's sister-in-law, only Hoon Cheng's parents, herself and her nephew were at home at that time.

"Only one female officer was in her uniform out of the ten police officers. They asked Hoon Cheng to open the door through the gate, but Hoon Cheng requested them to produce the arrest warrant."

"One of the officers claimed that they were form Bukit Aman, and said they wanted to bring Hoon Cheng away. Hong Cheng did not open the door, and told them she needed to make a few phone calls."

"Before taking her away, the female officer informed Hoon Cheng that the police were investigating one of her reports under Internal Security Act. She has also asked Hoon Cheng whether she wrote the article. After that, the female officer verified Hoon Cheng's IC and telephone number. The officers were also checking her room as well."

Before they whisked her away, the female officer assured of her personal safety, and if there was any development they would contact her family. ... selanjutnya.


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