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Nov 3, 2008

MB Report Card

tindakmalaysia.com | In any administration, the head is the most important element. So, in Selangor, the MB is the most important person in the State Government. And in assessing the performance of the State Govt, we can assess the performance of the MB himself.

Tan Sri Khalid brings with him strong corporate background as the CEO of Guthrie Bhd. This is probably the first time that Selangor has a person of such a calibre. Therefore, the public has high expectations of him. However, as he has admitted on several occasions, he has no political experience.

Has this been a hindrance to his performance?

Let us look at a few incidents and discuss how it could have been handled differently.

1. Free water for first 20m3:
This is a populist move and went down well with the people.

Is this a wise move? ... selanjutnya.


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