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Nov 3, 2008

Parents of attack victim disappointed with cops

MMail | Parents of the SMK Seri Selayang students who had been attacked by a mob of motorcyclists armed with helmets, baseball bats, motorcycle chains and padlocks on Tuesday, have expressed disappointment with police investigations on the case.

The parents were disappointed when told at a meeting in the school with the police investigating officer and school officials yesterday that two suspects taken in earlier had been released.

Also present at the meeting were the parents of the boy who had allegedly called in gangsters to beat up a fellow student after a minor altercation.

According to the parents, they were informed by the investigating officer that the suspects had been released because of lack of evidence linking them to the incident.

The clearly irked parents claimed police are not taking the matter seriously.

One parent said: "My son and the other victim indicated clearly to police (the suspects) and we were told that they have been released. How is that possible?"

Despite expressing their frustration, parents are requesting police to step up patrols around the school area during peak hours.... selanjutnya.
Lu sapa .. Datuk, Tan Sri, Tun, Dato Seri ...... biasa la bang.


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