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Dec 15, 2007

Fatwa on ISA

via cyusof.blogspot

Well, we saw this coming.

A government bankrupt of ideas have finally grabbed the 5 leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) under the controversial Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for detention without trial for a 2 year term in the interest of so called 'public order'. Sheeesh.

Nothing really justifies this draconian law as a 'necessary evil'. Government apologists will forever argue that the 'silent majority' of the rakyat gave tacit approval by returning the same government again and again. But people, this a baaad 'preventive' law. It may have served its purpose during its time but its now no longer necessary. There are other punitive laws in place so lets charge the 5 in a court of law, eh? Whats the matter, no credible evidences to make them stick? Come on, even the seemingly harsh Shariah Laws require credible evidences and witnesses before punishment can be meted out.

The Mufti of Sabah recently willy nilly issued a fatwa (religious decree) that declared all Buddhist statues haram (forbidden) in the state. This, I believe, is more dangerous to public order and threatens the very fabric of our multi racial and multi religious society. On 18th August 2004, a group of 22 ISA detainees challenged the Malaysian Council of Muftis to make a fatwa on the ISA, which ex detainee Saari Sungib argued, violates “principles of human rights and the rule of law enshrined in the Scriptures”. But somehow this was kept out of the mainstream media and nothing came out of it. No prizes for guessing why.

Perhaps its about time all the state Muftis, or even one of them to have the balls to sort this matter out once and for all.


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