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Dec 30, 2007

Parlimentary that BN could loose (Perak)

via northwalker82.blogspot

Lets start the analysis with the state that having hot parliamentary seats,Perak.Those BN candidates who won the Perak parliamentary areas that having 10% of Indians voters sre those who are popular in politics today.So can they loose their seats in the coming election since Indians are not willing to vote for BN?Those hot parliamentary seats that I mentioned are Taiping (Dato M Kavveas,Sungai Siput (Dato Samy),Ipoh Barat (M.Kulasegaran,DAP candidate who won Ipoh Barat parlimentary in 2004 election),Tapah (Verasinggam).

I'm analyzing based on these assumptions:

1. Those BN candidates that won in those places which consist 10% of Indian voters,won because of the full support of Indians in their each places.I mean I assume that all 10% of Indian in the parliamentary place that the BN candidate won, votes for BN candidates that won in their each places.(Actually this is one true fact.But since we don't know which party one are voting for,we cant debate this fact by evidence)

2. Those who contributes spoilt votes are those who not much into politics.I mean they must be come and vote without knowing who should they vote for and they might be coming just for the sake of peoples are asking them to vote...or they might say "semua undi saya pun undi la" :p I"m assuming such for those contributes spoilt votes because they don't even know how to vote properly.Why cant they just put the cross in the given box?Is it that complicated?But they cant be blamed.Because these peoples might be old folks or those who have less education.

3. All over Perak there is only 50% to 75% of voters came down to vote.Indian voters also might in the voters list who don't participate in the pooling.But I assume that most Indians will come out to vote for this election since they are driven mad by BN recently and their willing to revenge on BN on how the Indians and their fellow peoples are treated by government in this country.

4. I didn't get the latest list of parties that nominating their candidates in the parliamentary areas.So I'm just writing all this based on the list of 2004 election assuming there wont be much difference since it was the most recent election.

Ok...lets start with Bagan Serai




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