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Jan 23, 2008



After the prayers, the group proceeded to the playground where Sharlinie was last seen.

The followers of the bomohs circled the playground while Sharlinie’s family knelt on a red cloth and prayed for her safe return.

Sharlinie’s sister, Sharliena was asked to call out to her sister while her parents held a pigeon in a cage which was later released. A coconut was also cracked.

“Releasing the pigeon is symbolic of the release of Sharlinie by her captors. Cracking the coconut is akin to softening the captor’s heart,” said Nasir.

“From my divination, the kidnappers are arguing among themselves. Two of them want to return Sharlinie,” said Nasir.

After the rituals, Nashar said: “I’m confident my daughter will return safely in less than a week as predicted.” More...

No2umno - If they could get back the baby, then all Malaysia have to form a new force. BDRM (Bomoh di Raja Malaysia) to replace PDRM. Sure ... there'll be less Corrupt then what we had now.


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