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Jan 20, 2008

now the games begin


Has the political games begun? Every one thinks the election is March 2008. This is why I put the date on 10 March 2008. It is close to the school holidays so it is easy for the voters to go and get vote for leaders or party they wish to represent. My hope is that the voters should choose a representative who is not afraid to defy convention. Party whip is a disgrace in the democratic process. It is a gag order. So the voters this time must be smart and dont get fooled into believing all the slogans coming out now.

Ong Ka Ting says only BN can bring developments to the country. It is the same old song he is dishing out again. Nothing new though. More developments to pocket cronies and businessmen. It isnt BN who could bring developments to the country. It can be the opposition parties who could do it too.

When the opposition parties asume the rule, developments will come to the country. After 50 years under Alliance then BN, we are still looking at the basic needs of the people. Nothing much to shout about. According to the UMNO wanita wing on their house to house dialogue, it is still the bread and butter issues. In other words, BN has failed in bringing forward the people wishes and needs even though BN had ruled the country for 50 years....Now MIC wants to organize a 15,000 MIC supporters to drum support for the PM. Here I hope the Indians shouldnt be hooked by the MIC tactics. What have the MIC leaders really done to help the poor and disadvanted Indians? MIC too had over 50 years to help the Indians but as with UMNO it only helps their own elite and cronies. Hindraf laid bare the MIC failures yet the leaders in MIC refused to accept it.

Now the PM wants to declare Thaipusam a National holiday....................this is another tactic to appease the Indians. What I see is the magic cauldron brewing to appease the voters. It starts now until the general election is called. The catch phrase I think is "BN can help you........".but it will take away your wealth too So the voters must walk very carefully and think rationally while going to the polling stations.........


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