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Jan 11, 2008

What Meeting!?.. What Letter?!


Umno says no such thing about a written directive purportedly signed by party secretary-general Radzi Sheikh Ahmad asking them to carry out a ‘racial issue action plan.’ Malaysiakini has the news and copy of the letter which I'm posting below.

Not sure what is the letter really about and I'm also wondering what are the action plan (mejayakan "ISU PERKAUMAN") ? What do they actually planned to do? Any takers? According to news also PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub filed a police report in Kuala Lumpur over the letter. A small bit of the news below...

No meeting, no letter

Despite numerous attempts, Radzi could not be reached for comment but other Umno leaders contacted by Malaysiakini denied the letter.

On the same note, a BN source told Malaysiakini that there was no meeting held on Dec 6 while a check revealed that the last Umno supreme council meeting was held on Dec 14. |more...|


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