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Feb 9, 2008

Contracts to cronies, friends and fellow countrymen

Posted by labisman

Cronies is a word that is closely associated to government contracts in this beloved country of ours.

However fair the award of contracts goes there is always cause to draw flak by certain quarters. Some say unfairness and cry foul. Some report that bribery occurred and the system was not followed. However what is the real sacrifice and things to consider when awarding this contracts.

Honestly, it is easier to trust a friend than an absolute stranger. Now, don't kid our selves. That fact is very true. But as for the various contracts and tenders given for government projects there is what I can assume a lot at stake.

Development projects have their tentative datelines. A specific budget is already allocated. Hundreds of bids are submitted and none meets critical requirements. Well, it's just a scenario that I am sketching here but just bare with me and think for a bit. So come the eleventh hour all the bids seems dodgy. One quotes extreme prices while another quotes insanely low prices and a good portion does not have the pristine track record.

So what now?


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