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Feb 18, 2008

oh election coming!


Since brother join malaysiakini, I get the chance to follow him around to expand my understanding of the election. Just today, I get to go to two open houses. The DAP open house as well as Parti keadilan open house.

Is interesting to get to know how reporters carry out their job sometimes. First, you get to sit at the side table next to those important politicians. Second, the food is prepared so you don’t have to line up for food! Aren’t that great. Beside, there is someone there to serve you food as well.

Okay beside the point, I notice reporters is very aggressive with the covering. Lots of chatting, understanding, knowing what will make the headline and very professional too.

Now I finally understand every field has their own expert.

Beside, one of brother’s colleague ask me to join Malaysiakini as a volunteer photographer and this would be interesting. Taking photo, free food, and get to know media field. Anyway, still wondering whether I should send in a résumé to apply or not.

Here is some pictures taken by me and brother. ( i am so sorry other than Anuar i really do not know who is who)


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