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Feb 18, 2008

Rumble in Taiping II


The rumble in Taiping has escalated from a headache to a migraine for DS Tajul Rosli, the Star reports today. Taiping was originally a seat "on loan" from Gerakan to PPP in GE2004 to allow Kayveas to contest, on condition that it will be returned to Gerakan in this coming election. Gerakan is not really losing, because it was, in return, loaned with another parliamentary seat from UMNO, Bukit Gantang.

Now UMNO is requesting Bukit Gantang back. So, it started a chain reaction with Gerakan insisting that it be given back Taiping that it lent to PPP. That leaves PPP with no seat to contest.

Don't ask me details on how UMNO could have given it Bukit Gantang seat last time. Foolish is an understatement. Now, Tajul Rosli is not only having headaches, but migraine. And Kayveas is adamant on sticking to his Taiping seat, come what me. He has in fact pre-emptively announced that he is staying in Taiping.

In another news, it looks that Pak Lah is hinting that Kayveas will be relocated elsewhere, if the PM's politicalspeak is looked into closely:

Let's see who can outsmart the other one better: Kayveas or BN leadership.


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