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Feb 4, 2008

RM3.8mil for 15 schools vs RM20mil for ONE school


By Jed Yoong

As I read today’s Star over breakfast, I wondered when the stories on MCA’s efforts in the Chinese school arena would stop. Already I had enough after reading a news article telling us that the BN had given Penang an “Ang Pow for 15 Schools”. How magnanimous. Page after page I read about how benevolent the Government had been and how much the MCA had done and was doing. Already for the past month, The Star had fed us stories about how “great” the MCA had been. And how “lucky” we were that we had “peace and stability”. We should be so grateful that UMNO didn’t slaughter us…..What a way to live — literally at knifepoint.

Then I remembered that about this time last year, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had approved RM20million of development funds for his former school — High School Bukit Mertajam.


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