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Mar 8, 2008

Badawi warns of Chaos and Instability!!


Election day finally arrives a little too early for me. Got up about 6.00 and with time on my hand decided to turn on the idiot box, to RTM2 infact and learnt a bit about my prostrate. But I couldn't take it anymore after a while when it got a little gross..like bladder filing up with urine and this guy being unable to piss it out. Almost felt like I was under that agony. Channel surfed for a bit and then decided to brush teeth and wash up. Logged on to see if there was any thing new before taking a shower and dressing up and venturing out into a new world, I hope!

Decided to treat myself to a breakfast, two thosais and my kopi si kosong. Had bought the NST before that. Opened up and on the first page, I see what I thought to be generous of the NST actually. They actually are acknowledging that its my call as to where Malaysia ought to go from here. They got hope yet, I thought, as it sounded like respect for me.

Now what do they have to say about scorpions? NST had to spoil it for themselves and become Joseph Goebels award winning propaganda machine that they really are and have been for a long time, that I believe they couldn't have known better.

At the bottom left corner of the page they had a quote from Abdullah Badawi. He says "You have to vote for our future... our children. What will happen if there is chaos and instability?

Hmm...what is that supposed to be? A threat? A reminder of possibilities we ought to fear?

At one look, without the backgrounders and the total Malaysian experience, it may seem to be a tame enough statement. No threat. No reminders to anything.

However, for a bum like me with an idle mind with nothing else to do, all that is needed are prompts like this to begin to expand on it. So if you care to indulge me, you may take a ride with my idle mind that wants to probe this further.

So whats it that being Malaysian does one assume of our psyhe and make up? We know that government means a Barisan Nasional government with the leader of UMNO as its head and Prime Minister. It just cannot be any other way. A BN government means, UMNO is in control and they will have their way with everything and anything and they are a law unto themselves.

Opposition means those DAP, PAS and Keadilan types who are basically the unwelcome spoilers at the party. They are supposed to be uncouthed, unshaven, belicose, loud mouthed who just only know how to oppose. And they don't wear a tie! And after all, that is their role and doing all that. Whereas the BN politicians are supposed to be gentlemanly, after all you cannot be a Datuk or a Datuk Seri and be all those descriptives that apply to opposition politicians. And the BN MP wears aBush Jacket or a tie and suit.

Now, the Barisan Nasiaonal that is supposed to be led by UMNO in equality, so they all like to claim, with the component parties are supposed to be the know it alls who so generously give off of their time and economic opportunities to serve the people. The opposition are just a hurdle to all that is meant for the best of the people. But you see, the Barisan Nasional only knows one thing. That it has to have not less than two-thirds of the seats in parliament and of every state assembly. Anything less is just too embarssing and unacceptable. Kelantan is just not acceptable to them.

Now once every 5 years or so, in trying to be in keeping with the constitution which they have amended something like 690 times over the last 50 years, more than 20 times the times that the American constitution has been amended in over 200 years, we have general elections.

Now here, is the dichotomy. With the power to amend the constitution anytime, and with the opposition so demonised as nothing but spoilers, one has to wonder why then have the opposition. Is it not so easy as to pass the necessary amendmends to the constitution and institute laws to ban the opposition and be just a one party state? Like China maybe! Yes be a dictatorship. Can be done so easily.

But no. obviously there is something else that these guys savour more. Its not about religion or respect for the laws and constitution surely. But then again Armani and all the other fashionable clothes don't exactly sit well on Dictators and their wives do they? A dictator flying in a RM200 million jet is looked upon as a scoundrel so much so he cannot actually fly the plane anywhere. But then you get off such a plane in your Armani suits as the Prime Minister of a democratic country, it kind of all fits nicely and you have respect too. You see scoundrels too want respect. To be a Gadaffi is a hard act to follow forever. Even he fell for the trappings finally.

So do you see why they leave a legitimate and controllable opposition seemingly wondering about freely? Gives them legitimacy and certainly makes them look good. You got to remember, at that level, they are seeking approval, respect and comaraderie from a different bunch of people from the ones you see at latte land!

So now, coming back to whats on the front page of the NST. Threat, promise or a warning?

A flippant look at that statement and being the everyday Malaysian the first thing that strikes you is that you see the chaos and instability and you picture in your head Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh leading it. You may even have in the distance the image of Anwar and maybe even Tok Nik Aziz. Its them that are supposed to be causing all this chaos and instability.

But stop. Put on your brakes.

That statment by Badawi is so that he makes sure he gets what he wants and needs. That is a two -third majority victory and better still if he can equal or better the 2004 performance.

So this statement is intended to stimulate you, or motivate you, or inspire you, or corner you or threaten you to vote BN or what?

Look at that statement carefully once again. " What will happen if there is chaos and instability?"

Now, that is not inspiring at all. Is it motivating? No! Is it stimulating? I am certainly not getting a hard on!

Is it inspiring a hope? Nope. Is it inspiring or prompting a fear? Now that is more like it!

If that is the case, is it carrying out the function of a threat? That sure bloody well is!

So, in otherwards Badawi issues a threat and I am supposed to respond to it and approach the polling booth in fear!

Bollocks to you Badawi. Bollocks to you.

So what Badawi is trying to suggest is that an "opposition" victory is a sure recipe for unmitigated disaster as there will be chaos and instability. Well, at least I am sure Chandra Muzaffar and a few others will certainly think so too.

And they expect that we are to stop at that and only view the "opposition" victory as chaos and instability in the same frame.

Now stop once again. There are more questions that need to be asked.

Who is going to cause the chaos and instability? Badawi ignominously leaves that out.

Now we know and can be sure that the "opposition" are indeed good losers. For 50 years they have been losing and they have not casued any problem. The only time the UMNO led coalition, Alliance then, came to losing their two-thirds majority, in 1969, UMNO and some of its leaders started the skirmishes that led to the infamous May 13 disaster. Of course for over 20 years they let us all believe that it was an opposition led or inspired strife.

Never mind. So if the BN gets its two-thirds majority, that will be alright and we will not have to worry about chaos and instability. The BN and Badawi are confident the "opposition" are good losers and know how to go back to their stables after a defeat. That is very complimentary and generous too.

What if the two-third majority is lost? What if the Barsan Nasional loses its simple majority and the "opposition" take over?

Chaos and instability! But how? Who causes it? The "opposition"?

Well yes! Except this time the opposition will be the BN led by Badawi himself. And he is promising that he and his Barisan Nasional will cause chaos and instability if they lost? Wow! woe be it if they lose. WE may have to start the new era with an Emergency!

Remember, with the present "opposition", i.e DAP, Keadilan and PAS in a victorious mood, they will be busy celebrating and will be busy trying to form the next government. Why would they want to cause chaos and instability and make life miserable for themselves?

So Badawi is basically saying that he and his buddies are basically bad losers and like very spoilt children, to keep them quiet and obedient, we should actually hand them a handsome victory! After that they will go to the loot at their whims and fancies as we are the ones who let them into the loot in the first place. Nice, very nice!

So Badawi is promising that if they lose, that is lose two-thirds or even worse, lose the simple majority, they are going to throw a tantrum! Have you seen what happens when an unrestrainable child throws a tantrum? And Badawi threatens that he is going to throw one if he loses!

So really what the BN wants is that we lie our lives in fear of them!!

Once again Badawi, bollocls to you!


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