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Mar 1, 2008

Barisan Rakyat takes the poster war to Rembau


Two cars bearing 8 of us and plastered with the BR posters set out to Rembau to lend support to Chegubard’s campaign.


Enroute, stopped at Nilai and Senawang to deliver BR posters.

Reached Rembau town at about 9pm.

After a address to some 200 mostly Malay audience, Chegubard introduced the first speaker and left for his next stop. Not, however, without first asking me to also address the small but attentive crowd.



Zaharin (aka Sang Kelembai) spoke at length, for more than an hour. When I finally took the mike, I told the crowd that Zaharin had so exhaustively dealt with all the issues affecting the country that I had little reason to detain them further.


I had three short messages for them :

First, time to end the divide and rule of BN which left the Malays manipulated by UMNO, the Chinese manipulated by MCA and the Indians subjugated by MIC. BN was perpetuating this divide and rule and abusing the NEP to enrich their own cronys.

Second, do not fall victim to the BN spin-doctoring of the Hindraf rally as being a ‘race issue. This rally was in fact a brave an selfless effort by 30,000 anak Bangsa Malaysia that laid bare the extent of marginalisation of Malaysians in the country of all races.

Third, time for the NEP to go, as is being called for by many in civil society and amongst many, if not all, the Barisan Rakyat parties and to be replaced with an affirmative program that is not race-based. This is the only way for this nation to move forward.

Managed to catch up with Cegubard before we left.


He was complaining about how six of his billboards disappeared that very evening!

Left him wiith a promise that we would be down again if he needed any help in opposing nepotism becoming the order of the day in Malaysian politics.

Also left a stack of BR posters with his campaign team after exacting a promise that it would be put up. Folks in Paroi, look out for these posters.


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