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Mar 1, 2008

Vote for opposition!


Vote the opposition doesn't mean we are anti-government or we do not love this country!
Because: We love this country, we NEED to stand up and ensure this country not to be run by these hypocrites and weak government FREELY with unlimited resources!

Recently, MCA keep on saying , "Again, we managed to "fight" for another xx millions for xx Chinese schools…"
SILLY!! What do they mean by "fight"? Don't you think it should be their jobs???
Why "fight"? 争取?It should be their duty!!
Do the Malays need to fight for their mosques and schools??
Don't you think they are just like dogs around the master's table…barking till their throats drop.. then they will get a bone tagged with a pcs of skin….And they "shout" to the whole world…. They managed to "fight" for something…………!!! Pathetic…!
Answer is :- they are too weak in BN!! They have to beg and fight..!!

BN wants to win…NO, UMNO wants to win! They need some "running dogs"…..they throw some bones out…..so that these dogs can share the "good"news..!

Yes, Shouldn't blame the Malays………..!!

We, Chinese and Indians are to be blamed as we "willingly" :-
- surrender our rights to them…
- surrender our children's education's opportunities to them
- surrender our dignities to them (even they have asked us to leave Malaysia for hundred times….still our MCA ppl keep quiet like dogs..)
- surrender our 30% shares and much more with the NEP….for so many years..
- surrender our future in this country……..

What do we care? Tomorrow still can eat pork or not? Can "yam seng" or not? Is that what we care only?
What make us feel that if the BN can't get the 2/3, then we don't have pork to eat?
WHO always "remind" us that if BN can't get 2/3, there will be May13?

You still want to be threaten??

Still remember that I read an article from PAS:-

UMNO, please don't threaten our Chinese friends again with the old tricks :- MAY13 issue…
Listen, before you touch our Chinese friends, you have to walk pass our dead body 1st..
We won't let you harm them….!!

I'm touched!. I believe our poor Malay friends have seen the TRUE UGLY face from their leaders!!
They know well…30% or even 90% shares given to BUMI…won't benefit them at all…except those in UMNOs….

A lot of them have woke up………are you still asleep!??

Can you still don't bother???

WAKE UP!!!!!

Me too, love this country…do u??


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

You're rite man. For your info, there are 2 categoty of Malays nowadays - Bumiputera and Umnoputera. Most of these Bumiputera are still poor as you said...Hidup BA

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