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Mar 1, 2008

Flag Wars in Kelate


A warning letters to all USM students not to involved yourself in political party or any election campaign.

I managed to take some pictures. PAS helicopter......I'm so impressed by their flag as it is rare to see this white circle green colour flag back in Sarawak. Hahahaha

Jeng.....jeng......kereta kebal PAS........BN watch your back or else kena tembak by PAS.

Every corner of Kelantan hung by thousand of flags whether blue or green flags. BN really determined to take over Kelantan. Will they succeed? Let us see next week.

Oh...I'm lost. Where is the signboard?

Mana mu punya bendera?

This is the ordinary scene you will see here in Kelantan. This is really impressive election campaign. I've never see something like this back in my hometown. The campaign may not so hot like this. I didn't took any BN flags campaign because the blue flag just a normal flag to me. But UMNO really looking forward Kelantan. The green and blue flags are in alternate arrangement here. Once you will see blue town,after a while,the green will conquered it. Then,so on.

Wherever there are PAS flags,BN flags are there too. But the biggest question is, will BN succeed this year election to heal Kelantan? Wait and see....

I'm neither anti-gov nor pro-opposition

Happy birthday to me (*_*) sweet 21st birthday........


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