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Mar 13, 2008


by Mr Tee CS

What's wrong with this dollah guy? Guess now it's playing the racial card again.

50 years of enough from this stupid NEP. Benefited, only the UMNO or no-arm cronies.

Asked my friend Azhar the other day what he thought about the result of election?

His reply was:
- Bastard 50 years' leadership.......leadershit, leading us to nowhere till now. Split the races, play with the NEP and claimed ketuanan Melayu, actually is all for themselves only.
- Look at Singapore, a land with no resources at all, now running 3rd as the hottest spots in the world in term of investment, is so much far ahead of Malaysia. What d F*** these UMNO guys doing there?
- I never saw my village people in Pahang district of BERA getting better at all, under the scheme of NEP.Instead when problems arise, we have to go to PAS or DAP Triang for help. Is this what we are getting .....Dollah?

Please resign right now or change the formula. We, Malaysians dont need chinese, or indians or Melayu to represent each of the races. We want to be represented by all.

Dump the shitty NEP now or you will not ever progress at all. Stupid dollah.


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