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Mar 13, 2008

Wake up uncle lim. Dap Perak has woken up.

uPDATE: Perak DAP defy Lim kit siang's order

If uncle lim fails to see the uproar of the public in his "crazy" turn around to call for the boycott of the Perak Menteri Besar from Pas,'s swearing in ceremony , he must be blind, dumb, stupid and absolutely idiotic. However, i do understand where he is coming from. Getting comments like Ong Ka Chuan's Perak voters cheated is probably what drove LKS to issue such a statement.

Uncle lim, MCA is so yesteryear man!

if so, all other DAP candidates must voice out their stand, or stand to suffer the same fate as Koh Tsu Koon and Samy vellu in the coming elections.

Yes, we all know what's DAP basic tenet - to support a secular state with no NEP ya da ya da. But didn't he and the rest of DAP wake up to the fact that majority of the people now, WANT A RACE FREE country? Religion has also been relegated to second priority issues.

Uncle lim oh uncle lim. wake up before everyone hates DAP.


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