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Mar 14, 2008

A Forest Near My House


Can you believe this? I have stayed in Kota Damansara for many years and yet, was unaware of the existence of a community rainforest near my house! Talk about ignorance!

Anyway, I now know that it is called the Kota Damansara Community Forest, and the previous Selangor government planned to turn the whole forest area into high-rise apartments. If they manage to proceed with this devious plan, this means no more fresh, clean air for the city folks. And, no more home for the small animals that lived among the trees.

Yet, not all is lost because Barisan National is no longer governing Selangor! Selangor is now at the hands of the Opposition and that means hope for the Kota Damansara Forest.

Still, it is always wise to continue to state our protest. Click Protest Against the Destruction of Rainforest to make a strong political statement.

I have yet to ventured inside the forest. Maybe I will, one day.


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