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Mar 14, 2008


Selangor MB to meet auditor

SHAH ALAM: Newly-appointed Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim says he will be meeting the state auditor and secretary to find out the current asset status of Selangor.

He added that an assessment of how the previous state government had run the state was among his top priorities.

“Just like the task of taking over a company, I shall be meeting the state auditor and secretary to be briefed on the status of the state as well as to be shown the various changes and movements of the state’s assets from January till now.

“This is to eliminate any misconception about the activities of the state.

“We have to be very professional about it to ascertain Selangor’s current status and see how we can move from there,” Khalid told a press conference Friday on his first day at his new office at the state secretariat building here.

The PKR secretary-general took his oath of office as the 14th Mentri Besar of Selangor at Istana Kayangan on Thursday.

The new Mentri Besar also hoped there would be no more stories about the state government’s files being moved.

“I want to work and we have a group of professionals here who will be working with me.

“If nothing unexpected happens, I will carry on with my duties as the state’s Mentri Besar,’’ said Khalid.

On whether any action would be taken against those who had taken files out of the state government building, Khalid said there were various procedures to be adhered to before that could happen.

“I will only come to a decision if there is something wrong. We will cross that bridge when we come to it,” he added.

Khalid also said he would study and understand the state government’s organisational structure in order to look into measures to improve what it (the state government) has achieved since.

As the former CEO of Guthrie Bhd, Khalid said he used to have 40,000 staff working under him and the experience he had gained from the company would help him in managing the state.

He said most importantly, one must know how to manage the workforce to keep them comfortable and motivated as a team.

Earlier, Khalid met with hundreds of state government staff at the lobby of the building at 8.30am.

He said he was delighted to meet them “face to face” and he promised to work hard to bring the developed state to a higher level.

“I was instructed by the Sultan of Selangor to improve Selangor’s performances and I’m taking it as a serious responsibility,” he said in his speech.


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