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Mar 14, 2008



Breaking News on KJ!


Do not know how far this is true but I heard Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin will be made the new Deputy Finance Minister by his Father-in-Law the Prime Minister! at the next Cabinet announcement!

Now if this is true then Pa Lah has got to be the most insensitive prime minister this country has ever known! If this is true than the prime minister has given the word nepotism a new dimension!

In retrospect, had he not allow his SIL to contest at the recent general elections the result could have been a slightly less harsher than it is now.
If the prime minister appoint his SIL KJ to the position, hey any position for that matter since this guy has squat for experience!, then we can all say god bye to UMNO as a Malay party since many Malays will leave UMNO for sure!

No cheers today!


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