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Mar 20, 2008


Rain disperses protesters


SHAH ALAM: Heavy rain washed out a demonstration by about 1,000 people, from 12 Malay non-governmental organisations, at Dataran Shah Alam, yesterday.

The demonstrators had gathered at 4pm to demand that Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim not appoint a deputy menteri besar, or if he did, to appoint a Malay.

They also want Khalid to ensure that 60 per cent of the executive council is made up of Malay representatives.

They dispersed when it started to rain half an hour later.

No2umnO - Not even a chemical water, but rains disperses the Malay Warriors. How are we suppose to trust them all. Oh the MIGHTY GOD. Allahuakbar !!! Takbir !!!


Kuda Lempoyang said...

Bro, I love this news. See the picture.....Umeno umbrella beb. Wear batik somemore...kah kah kah. Am I watching doraemon cartoon? Go get them Bruce Willis to coach Die Hard 5 for introduction course and for final stage of the course, the instructor should come from BERSIH or Takbir group. Next time, give them banana and portable air-con

Anonymous said...

keh keh keh.... UMNO nak tunjuk patriotik... ini bukan soal bangsa... ini soal miss syoruu laa.. no more crony conract for them... further more... how much the organiser paid to the demonstrator?? If lumayan... next time I can joint... ha ha ha...

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