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Mar 20, 2008

Back For The Attack

The blog is back after an outage yesterday.

It seems I exceeded my alloted monthly bandwidth, so I had to upgrade my hosting package to accomodate the extra traffic.

Hopefully, it’ll be enough to last until the end of the month.

In the meantime, I’m sure you have a lot to say about the inclusion of certain faces in the Cabinet, especially RPK’s nemesis Muhammad “I don’t speak English” Muhammad Taib.

What was Pak Lah thinking? I think he’s counting on the corrupted former Menteri Besar’s support in the party elections more than anything else.

And the Fat Lady has finally sung, or maybe she hasn’t. She still heads Wanita Umno, so I figure she isn’t done with her sacking yet.

Expect fireworks, especially now that Tengku Razaleigh with the blessings of Dr M has thrown his hat into the ring.

It looks like support for Pak Lah is diminishing, but is he done for?

Najib holds the key, but the other side holds his balls because they have the goods on him.

Umno is in a mess and it will only get messier.

What a wonderful time to be a Malaysian, don’t you think?

AND what is Wanita Umno complaining about not having representation in the cabinet?

Isn’t Azalina a woman?

Ok, ok, I’m sorry. That was nasty.

Anyway, for those celebrating the fact that KJ isn’t in the cabinet, please be apprised that the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications is a relative of his.

Shaziman now has the power to do “something” about all those nasty critics on the Internet, like this blog.

Look out.


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