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Mar 20, 2008


The Star paper provide a good coverage on yesterday's UMNO gathering at Shah Alam. What a "Double Standard" ......

Don’t appoint Deputy MB, protesters urge Khalid

SHAH ALAM: Several hundred supporters from 12 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) held a peaceful demonstration at Dataran Shah Alam here yesterday asking Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim not to appoint a Deputy Mentri Besar.

The group asked Khalid not to even consider a non-Malay for the number two post, and to maintain the previous number of Malay executive councillors in the state.

The crowd, led by Selangor Umno Youth chief Abdul Shukur Idrus, also hit out at DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang for calling for a boycott of the swearing-in of the executive council in Perak because the act was disrespectful towards the Sultans who were highly respected by the Malays.

Lim later made a public apology over the statement.

Rained out: The crowd that gathered at Dataran Shah Alam initially braved the rain, but left as the downpour got heavier yesterday evening, some 30 minutes into the rally.
Abdul Shukur also said that PKR and DAP had been disrespectful and insensitive towards the Malays when they supported the move to abolish the New Economic Policy which had benefited both the Malays and other races.

The demonstration, which started just after 4pm, ended less than 30 minutes later due to a heavy downpour.


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