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Mar 20, 2008

Such a Jantan Cabinet - No Wonder WANITA UMNO is Pissed Off


As we all know politics is a dirty game and one should be prepared to be betrayed by one's closest allies if it suits them.

It is natural for the Wanita Umno chief Rafidah to be angry that she was made used of for the GE Campaign. I am sure if she had been told not to contest UMNO would have lost a few more seats.

The Cabinet lineup is a major affront to women voters as you can see only two women in the Cabinet photo(thanks to NST).
Meanwhile in Pakistan they have just elected a woman to be the Speaker.

Women are already more capable than men in many fields as years of more females than men studying in universities has produced more women graduates in Malaysia. All they need to do is change their mind-set and start the struggle for equal opportunities and less discrimination.

Someone with the capabililites of Rafidah could have Malaysia's "Margaret Thatcher" but perhaps she was misguided and made some major mistakes, notable the share issue problem and the APs fiasco.
Maybe the women of Malaysia could start an All Women's Party? After all there are more females than males in Malaysia.


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