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Mar 20, 2008

So this IS the Malaysian way..errh Pak Lah ?


All those times in the last 4 months or so when the citizens, NGO groups or the Opposition parties gathered to protest against the Judiciary, the Election Commission or the Hindu rights amongst other grievances , hundreds of heavily armed police personnel were dispatched to barricade and "trap" the marchers and fired upon with chemical laced water and tear-gassed and arrested.

Road-blocks were set-up at all entry points to the city days before the march actually took place....frustrating other non-participating citizens in massive traffic-jams and in turn these non-participants or citizens who had no care for the aggrieved marchers cursed these "protests"

That was the tactic of the BN government then and the holy PM, Pak Lah would trash out and condemn such actions of the marchers and hollered to the masses, in the medias about taking your frustrations to the ballot -box and these marches "WAS NOT THE MALAYSIAN WAY"...blah...blah....blah !

Until recently a turn of events at the ballot-boxes has got the BN in a catch-22 situation wherein the goons in UMNO still thinks they don't need a permit to assemble and protest as they please anywhere and anytime and the police as usual drag their feet in doing all those "nasty" things they did in a hurry back then ! Read here for the UMNO gathering in Penang recently.

Angry crowd: Umno members and supporters protesting in front of Komtar in Penang yesterday over Guan Eng’s remarks on the NEP.

And you don't hear a squeak from Pak Lah condemning UMNO's gatherings anywhere......... guess when it is UMNO it IS the Malaysian way, right ?? Sheeesh Mr.


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