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Mar 16, 2008

To demonstrate or not?


Saw in the news that a bunch of people demonstrated at Ipoh Padang in Perak. They wanted Lim Kit Siang to apologize for insulting the decision of Sultan Perak.

Actually if this bunch of people were to read the news or read some blogs? They would have found out that he has already apologized? What do you want him to do? Kow tow? Lick the Sultan's toes? At least he has the guts to say sorry although I cudn't agree more that this old man is way passionate that he shud be.

Actually these people that demonstrated shud also go to Perlis to demonstrate. Why? Well, Shahidan, the Menteri Besar wannabe, said “I have been appointed as Mentri Besar by Barisan Nasional but it would seem that the decision had not been respected."

The Sultan of Perlis now needs to respect Barisan National's decision? Hello? I am speechless.

People, read the news more often lah, not only the main stream k, and stop acting like the passionate Lim Kit Siang k? And we with the budaya Malaysia, ehem, don't do protest? My goodness, that sound rather familiar (yup, quoted by our Prime Minister, AB before). Then, if it's budaya UMNO not to do protest, what happened in Penang? He cud have stop it.

Anyway, thank goodness we have this kinda drama in Malaysia, else I'll be so bored. Hey, who said changes are stable? Just don't get over passionate.


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