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Mar 16, 2008

Ku Li has deeply hurt the non-Malays

We are very fortunate Ku Li is not the Prime Minister now.His statements have deeply hurt the feelings of the non-Malays who are also loyal and patriotic citizens of this country.He speaks as though the non-Malays are aliens and have no right to participate in the governing of the country.

Haven't the non-Malays contributed to the development of the nation?Can the nation be what it is today if not for the non-Malays?Ku Li has some soul searching to do.He must sincerely search his conscience to obtain genuine answers to these questions.

It is sad that a man of his age, experience and stature lacks the wisdom as a senior statesman.Umno and the BN lost not because the Opposition are angels but the the former have become arrogant,racist and have lost the feeling for the poor and downtrodden citizens of all
races, including the Malays.

Ku Li , as we read your statements,our hearts ached and tears swell in our eyes.It causes so much pain to hear such words from a veteran leader like you,whom we had so much respect. All our sacrifices and contributions to the nation means nothing to you and your Umno.

Pak Lah may be weak but a real gem of a man when compared to many.Despite heavy losses,which he accepted gracefully,saying "winning and losing is what democracy is all about", he has not reacted with anger against anyone.He may be under tremendous pressure these days, but he has not used the racial card which used to be the easiest weapon for Umno.He still says he is the Prime Minister for all races and ensure that no one community is left behind.We salute him and pray that God will deliver him from the predicament he is in now.

Dr.Chris Anthony


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