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Mar 16, 2008



i thought only penang umno wanted to punish penangites by urging the PM to stop all mega projects in Penang. now listen to that bugger mohd ali rustam, CM of Melaka:

Supporting the call by Umno Penang for all BN mega projects in Penang be stopped, Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam put the blame on voters who decided that they did not want the major projects by voting in for the opposition.

"We have to stop all major projects to Penang as this is what the people wanted. If we continue with the project it would be almost impossible for us to regain control of the State in the next General Elections,” the Malacca Chief Minister said."If we stop all major projects, the people would realise what they had lost and would then come back to the BN. This is the only way we could recapture the State in the future from the opposition," he told reporters after visiting the Menara Taming Sari project near Dataran Pahlawan along Jalan Merdeka, here, today.
(NST online, 15-03-08 reported by By : Jason Gerald John ).
based on ali rustam's analysis, penangites reject BN because they do not want development from BN. and the only way to win them back is to make them feel the pain, so that they could come back to the "parents".

surely we have political immaturity among umno politicians. the federal govt is the govt of all malaysians regardless of states. umno is now feeling the pinch when the penang CM propose for open tenders. umno cronies are fearful that they will lose such tenders and the projects will benefit others rather than the umnoputras. so they propose that the mega projects be scrapped.

you want malaysians to love the govt, then show the people that the govt love them! the govt is the govt of the people, for the people and by the people. this is basic democracy! why then are we hearing a different tune from umno?

i think umno would be most happy that 5 yrs from now, penang is the least developed state in the country.

rustam, you might lose your seats too in the next GE, watch out.


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