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Apr 17, 2008


Sarawaks steps up war against illegal loggers
thestar - Sarawak has beefed up its enforcement efforts against illegal loggers, said newly appointed state Forest Department director Datuk Len Talif Salleh.

He said this was done by consolidating the resources of Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC).

“Illegal logging is still a concern. We’re trying to miminise it,” he told reporters after opening a seminar on STIDC Industry Updates at Wisma Sumber Alam here on Thursday.

Sarawak police have said that local criminal gangs were involved in illegal logging activities.

Len Talif, who declined to say where most unlawful log extractions have taken place, said the state authorities had set specific targets to reduce illegal logging. more...


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