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Apr 17, 2008

This little piggie went to market

No holds barred

(...) Yes, makan babi, haram. Tapi makan duit perniagaan babi, tak haram. Makan duit rasuah dari perniagaan babi, tak haram. Makan gaji dari duit cukai perniagaan babi, tak haram. Cium ‘French kiss’ mulut GRO Cina yang makan babi, tak haram. Aiyah…..Melayu ni bangang sangatlah.

Now you know why I just love whacking Malays who scream that Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are all going to hell whereas all Muslims, even if they makan rasuah perniagaan babi, are going to heaven. I can’t stand these people. They are all bloody idiots; patronising, holier-than-thou, chip on the shoulder, arrogant, bodoh-sombong, and hypocrites to boot. Hoi, rasuah lagi jijik dari babilah! Faham tak?

Anyway, why is Ali Rustam screaming about Selangor? Look at Melaka, his home state. More importantly, look at his neighbouring state, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khinzir. Negeri Sembilan has a massive problem with pig farms and it is messing up the environment real bad. The rivers in Negeri Sembilan are so polluted with pig waste that it is no longer suitable for use as a source of raw water supply. However, they have no choice but to continue using these rivers since they are short of water. So the treatment plants in Negeri Sembilan are still drawing water from these contaminated rivers. The people of Negeri Sembilan are drinking treated pig waste. Maybe this is why the people there are gila babi. more...


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