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Apr 1, 2008

A Blogger’s Letter to Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin



To: Khairy Jamaluddin khairy@rembau.net

Hello KJ,

How come you are so quiet, now that GE12 is over and BN– notably UMNO Semenanjung–got a thrashing? Cat got your tongue? Or perhaps you are mulling over the disastrous consequences of your half-baked strategy and your utterly stupid macho tactics.

Your comical bravado, your fiery but empty rhetoric and your theatrical keris-brandishing antics have backfired spectacularly And your kuncu, that arse-hole Patrick Lim (what a f@@#ing showoff), has proved to be a massive liability in more ways than one.

The election results, which I’m sure you and your father-in-law never expected, drove home the point to many of us your utter failure as a campaign strategist.

You are just a snot-nosed novice trying to do a job best left to the professionals. You are, to use a military analogy, an uncouth and gung ho subaltern trying to do the work of a battle hardened three-star corps commander.

And what happened? UMNO got a severe mauling, not to mention Gerakan (wiped out), MIC (almost wiped out) and MCA (crippled for life). Thanks to a Mr Know-All like you.

It’s only a matter of time before your once-respected but now reviled father-in-law gets booted out, thereby putting an end to your much vaunted ambition to be Malaysia ’s youngest PM. What a joke!!! Cakap besar tak berguna bro. You’ve still got a lot to learn kiddo.

The speeches you gave at the political rallies have exposed you as a punch dr unk and power-crazy political novice. Your big mouth, your execrable arrogance, your heavy- handedness, your over confidence, your presumption that the voters are all gullible idiotsand your failure (or refusal) to read the tell tale signs, have landed you and your cronies (not to mention your lembab FIL) in one hell of a mess. The articulate debaters in the parliamentary opposition are going to eat you and your kind for breakfast when Parliament convenes. I can’t wait for the war of words to commence. And the bloggers too are waiting to see how an egotistical braggart like you perform.

I look forward to receiving your reply (if you have the balls to do so), which I will circulate among all the bloggers.

Cheers mate.

P.S. You should read Tsun-Tzu’s The Art of War if you haven’t done so already. The principles he enunciated apply as much to political warfare as they do to ground –as opposed to naval and air–warfare.

Written By,

A Blogger!


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