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Apr 1, 2008

Geert Wilders memang BANGSAT !!!

Geert Wilders, the popular MP whose film on Islam has fuelled the debate on race in Holland, wants an end to mosque building and Muslim immigration. Ian Traynor met him in The Hague
'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam,' says Holland's rising political star
A TV addict with bleached hair who adores Maggie Thatcher and prefers kebabs to hamburgers, Geert Wilders has got nothing against Muslims. He just hates Islam. Or so he says. 'Islam is not a religion, it's an ideology,' says Wilders, a lanky Roman Catholic right-winger, 'the ideology of a retarded culture.'

The Dutch politician, who sees himself as heir to a recent string of assassinated or hounded mavericks who have turned Holland upside down, has been doing a crash course in Koranic study. Likening the Islamic sacred text to Hitler's Mein Kampf, he wants the 'fascist Koran' outlawed in Holland, the constitution rewritten to make that possible, all immigration from Muslim countries halted, Muslim immigrants paid to leave and all Muslim 'criminals' stripped of Dutch citizenship and deported 'back where they came from'. But he has nothing against Muslims. 'I have a problem with Islamic tradition, culture, ideology. Not with Muslim people.' more...


Anonymous said...

Anak Haram Punya Geert Wilders!!
Hidung Macam Babi.. Mampus la kau..

Semua Orang Islam Wajib Boikot!!

Anonymous said...

President OIC jawab le...!!!
slamber je aku tengok mamat nii..??

lg satu....Bapak Hadhari....Jawab lee..!!!!tak kan tanam tebuuuu je kat bibirrr...????

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