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Apr 26, 2008

Pak Lah and Malaysia

shahnon.com - While switching on the TV awhile ago, I was shocked to find out that famous blogger, Raja Petra will appear live on RTM1 tomorrow night, Sunday 27th April. I just feel that he should just stick to his Malaysia-Today blog. To me it is just a waste of air time to watch him on tv.

Frankly speaking, if we look at the trend of what is happening now, Pak Lah's so-called reform agenda is actually paving the way for the opposition to win the next general election. The trend is already there. Sadly, this is a government with no clear sense of direction. More than a month have passed on since the disastrous election result for Barisan Nasional and yet I still don't know where Pak Lah is heading. It's as if business as usual for him. It has now come to the point that even when Pak Lah does something good, the people just don't have faith anymore in him. I hope that he won't be re-elected at this year's UMNO party election. more...


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