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Apr 5, 2008


Ok, Kerishamuddin says he won’t defend his Umno Youth chief post.

However, he won’t say if he’s going for VP. Which means he probably is.

But let’s leave the man alone for a while, and look at who will contest the Youth chief post.

Right now, the two dudes who have said they will go for it if Hisham vacated the post is former Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khir “Tempe” Toyo, and Mukhriz of the House of M.

Tempe seems to think highly of his chances, but this is also the man who confidently predicted that BN would sweep Selangor.

I would advise him to take a look in the mirror, but rather than coming to his senses, Tempe would only be bedazzled by the glare of his gleaming facade.

Mukhriz probably has a better chance, so if it came down to him and Tempe, I think the pate would outshine the face.

But wait a minute … what about our man, KJ? more...


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum Wak...

I reckon KJ will definitely contest, if not how can he realise his ambition of being the PM by age 40? Worries of non support is a non issue as the delegates votes can be bought. Say your price and he has the resources and the baboons to run it..... no worries.

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